南方彩票Welcome to the InterContinental Hotels Group employee pension area. This information has been provided for those contributing to one of our Group pension plans.

Important information

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that this area of the website is kept up to date, please note that the information available may be incomplete, out of date or incorrect. It is therefore essential that you verify any information before taking any action in reliance upon it. It is a condition of us allowing you free access to the material in this area that you accept the Company and the Trustee of the Plan will not be liable for any action you take in reliance on the information in this area. You should always refer to current printed documents, which are available on request from your HR department.

UK pensions

南方彩票This section contains information on the IHG UK Defined Contribution Pension Plan, which is a Money Purchase/Defined Contribution (DC) pension arrangement for employees of IHG. Prior to August 2014, this DC plan was a section of the InterContinental Hotels UK Pension Plan.

With effect from 1 September 2013, IHG is required to automatically enrol all employees who meet certain criteria into a pension scheme. The IHG UK Defined Contribution Pension Plan, used for this purpose, is a trust-based occupational pension arrangement. The Trustee has issued a personal data privacy notice which you can download and view here

南方彩票IHG previously also operated a Final Salary/Defined Benefit (DB) section of the InterContinental Hotels UK Pension Plan. The DB section was closed to future accrual on 30 June 2013, and the responsibility for all DB section benefits accrued in that plan was subsequently transferred to an insurance company, Rothesay Life. If you were a member of the DB section, you can find Rothesay Life's contact details further down this page under the Defined benefits heading.

南方彩票Are you aware that, even if you are not a member of the Plan, in the event of your death there may still be benefits payable? Read below to find out more:

南方彩票UK employees who are not members of the pension scheme are provided with life assurance cover equivalent to one year's earnings until the earlier of leaving employment or reaching retirement age. Employees who do not pay pension contributions are not considered to be members for the purposes of any of the other Plan benefits.

南方彩票So that the Trustees are fully aware of your wishes as to the recipients of any cash sum benefit, it is very important that you complete and return the Beneficiary Form available here.

Payment of benefits will be delayed if there is no Beneficiary Form or if it is obviously out of date.

Download and complete the Beneficiary FormPDF 0.4Mb

Defined contribution

南方彩票Existing members may use Aegon's  website to log in and view their individual account details. This site also includes additional information on DC pensions and the investment funds available to members of the IHG UK Defined Contribution Pension Plan ("the Plan").

If you wish to join the Plan or if you are already a member and wish to amend your contribution rate, please do so via the ‘Change Benefits’ option in myHR (available via Merlin). If you have any queries regarding how to update your pension elections on myHR, please contact ask?myHR on 0800 026 0642.

Annual reporting and governance

Defined benefits

IHG's Defined Benefit plan was closed to future accrual on 30 June 2013 and the responsibility for all benefits accrued in that plan was subsequently transferred to an insurance company, Rothesay Life. If you were a member of the DB plan, you can contact Rothesay Life as follows:

南方彩票Tel no: 0800 916 8090


Postal address:
Rothesay Life Limited
PO Box 545

If you were a member of the DB Plan and are still employed by IHG:

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Use the links below for further information:

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  •  features news and information on UK tax and national insurance matters.
  •  is an independent non-governmental body that regulates the financial services industry. You might find their site useful if you want to know more about your rights as a consumer of financial products.
  •  is an independent and voluntary organisation that gives free help and advice to members of the public who have a problem concerning either a company or personal pension scheme. Their website explains what TPAS does and contains helpful leaflets.
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Contact us

Active and Deferred members of the IHG UK Defined Contribution Pension Plan should contact:

IHG UK Defined Contribution Pension Plan
Aegon Workplace Investing
PO Box 17486

Telephone 01733 353418

南方彩票Deferred and Pensioner members of the old Defined Benefit plan should contact:

InterContinental Hotels UK Pension Plan
Rothesay Life Limited
PO Box 545
Telephone 0800 916 8090

International pensions

南方彩票This section is designed to give you a greater understanding of the InterContinental Hotels Group International Savings and Retirement Plan (IHGIS&RP). This plan replaced the Six Continents International Retirement Income Plan (or SCIRIP).

南方彩票This plan is currently administered by Zurich International Life Limited (‘Zurich’), based on the Isle of Man. Zurich have helped to create this which contains useful information for both new and existing members.

南方彩票There is also a general Zurich website which contains monthly and quarterly investment reports for the various funds:

Member newsletters

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Important information

Zurich International Life Limited is fully authorised under the Isle of Man Insurance Act 1986 which ensures that the Company has sound and professional management and provision has been made to policy owners.

南方彩票Owners of policies issued by Zurich International Life Limited will be protected by the Isle of Man Life Assurance (Compensation of Policyholders) Regulations 1991 if the Company should be unable to meet its liabilities. Policy owners will not be protected by the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Zurich International Life Limited provides life assurance and investment products.

Registered in the Isle of Man Number 20126
南方彩票Registered Office: 43-51 Athol Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM99 1EF, British Isles.

南方彩票Zurich International Life Limited is regulated by the Financial Services Authority for UK business only.